At Maitripa Tara School, we integrate nature into the learning experience by providing not only an understanding and appreciation of the natural world in which we all live, but through opportunities for learning about ways that all living systems connect and interact, and the cyclical cause and effect relationships between everything that lives. It is our understanding that the education of the child in the cycles of the earth and of humanities is our greatest hope moving into the future.

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” ~Maria Montessori

Urban Permaculture

Maitripa Tara School nature and permaculture approach, connects the child to the natural world through our urban permaculture garden and activities.

An urban permaculture garden will continue to expand as part of our mission to connect the child with nature, even within the city. Between parents, children, and other members of the community we intend to develop, around our building, and urban garden with the basic permaculture principles of “earth care, people care and fair share”. We hope this on-going work will establish in our community the understanding that, “along with taking care of the earth, we need to equally take care of people”.

As this project develops, the Gardens will provide hands-on and place-based education in sustainable gardening, healthy nutrition, and permaculture in our urban setting for children at Tara School.

Tara Farms

Tara Farms Community is a sister project linked to Maitripa College, which offers degrees in Buddhist Studies and focuses on intentional education that cultivates the human potential to lead a meaningful life.  Tara Farms Community is similarly oriented, with a vision to serve individuals in the many stages of their lives through the three spirals of education, contemplation, and service.