Tuition Information

Maitripa Tara School program utilizes a tuition “sliding scale” model, where those who can, pay more, allowing those who need, to pay less. The efforts and contributions of all members of our community build equity into our education system. Through active participation in this model, we want to establish reciprocity, strengthening the relationships within our community and expressing support for our institutional model and education programs. It is our hope that this approach facilitates a more equitable and inclusive community, as well as the possibility of a fair compensation model for our staff.

Sliding Scale Options

At our current level of operation, the basic cost of running the program at Maitripa Tara School is approximately $1,300.00 per month, per child. Based on this number we have devised the following price point options for our sliding scale.

  • Payment Option 1 – $1,350.00 monthly per child
  • Payment Option 2 – $850.00 monthly per child
  • Payment Option 3 – $1,850.00 monthly per child

To participate from this model we request you consider this opportunity with care and choose your contribution level with honesty, discernment, and wisdom. Within this “honor system” we ask you become familiar with the mission and goals of Maitripa Tara School and present a request for your participation in the “sliding scale” program. Please examine these options and pay what you are able based on your resources, keeping in mind that access to our education program can only be accessible to all families if those with grater resources share what they have.

Application Information

Application process is open year-round. We recommend the children begin their education at Maitripa Tara School at the beginning of a cycle for a more complete experience. We maintain a waitlist for children who are not yet of age to begin in school. Preschool recommended enrolment age is between 30 to 36 months, depending on stage of independent toileting. Please contact for additional information.

The Application Process

We hold the process of welcoming each child and family into our community as precious. We want to take our time to integrate each family into our community, so we have a shared sense of connection and a strong beginning to our trusting relationship.

  1. Attend an open house or schedule a tour of the school.
  2. Complete the Application Form.
  3. Schedule a preliminary Parent-Child admission meeting with the Education Director.
  4. A written confirmation to Enroll will be received by email including the Enrollment forms and Parent-Student Handbook contract agreement.