Maria A. Garcia, MA, Director of Education and Lead Guide

Maria A. Garcia has enjoyed an extensive career in the field of Montessori education since 1978. She holds two diplomas from Association Montessori International [AMI] in Assistance to Infancy [0-3] and Primary Education [3-6], as well as a Master’s in Education from Loyola University and the AMI Montessori Administrator Certification. Maria also holds degrees in the fields of Humanities and Psychology. Maria is certified by the Oregon Registry [ORO] as a Community Trainer to offer continued education seminars and workshops. In 2017 she received the Outstanding Dedication Award for Inspiring Advocacy in the Montessori Community, from the Oregon Montessori Association [OMA].

Her experiences in Montessori evolved within the classroom, in bi-lingual and culturally diverse communities, working directly with the children.  Along her career she has also worked in the administrative field, as well as offered continued education seminars and mentoring to teachers in both the private and public sectors. Maria has also offered orientations and lectures to parents in Montessori Pedagogy and Human Development.

In her role as educational consultant and director, she has specialized in providing administrative and individualized support, offering direction to school programs as well as hands-on modeling and direction to teachers within the Montessori classroom at both the infant/toddler and primary levels. Her focus of interest has been providing depth and enrichment in the understanding of Montessori pedagogical principles, human development, design and establishment of Montessori prepared environments and classroom management, through the presentation of meaningful perspectives to expand on holistic possibilities encouraging children’s optimal development.

As a long-time student of Tibetan Buddhism she has enjoyed a deep personal relationship with Maitripa Institute since its inception, served as Center Director in her home town in San Juan, Puerto Rico for several years and also served in the administration team and Board of Directors of Maitripa College.